Neos offers a range of monitoring and property product and services to support, engage and protect your customers; Our solution provides everything they need to keep their property as safe and fully covered should the worst happen.

Our market leading solution provides cost effective, fully integrated smart home capability with an extensive range of complementary services.

Added-value customer services

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24/7 Security Monitoring

Emergency response is never far away with our automated personal safety alert monitoring service. Choose to dispatch emergency services either automatically following smart property device triggers, or after no response from your customers. With built-in false alarm verification, our security monitoring is extra smart too.

Maintenance and emergency fix

With our Home Protection Plan, we aim to fix your customers’ urgent issues so they can go back to enjoying the important things in life. We cover anything from smart property systems to major home appliances.

Cloud storage and tech features

With customer data stored on the cloud for security, tailor the length of time, the size and which features you offer for standard, or as an add-on subscription service. Advanced features include extended Cloud Storage and personalisation of in-app features such as, Alexa integration, Security Scheduling and Activity Zones.

On demand repairs

When appliances or things in the property break, we know it can be hard to find the money to get them fixed straight away and even harder to find a trusted tradesperson to help. That’s what our property and electrical warranty is for. We’re making it simple for property owners to easily get the help they need at a price they can afford with guaranteed repairs and discounts on replacement goods.

Smart Tech support plan

Extended 24/7 technical support for home electronics is an optional add-on for those that need additional help on broader challenges in the property, including Wi-Fi issues, faults caused by electrical surges or system set-up and configuration of multiple Smart Home devices. Our trusted trades people provide 24/7  live help via phone or chat.



We work with the best services providers in the market to offer you a fully tailored solution. Having a simple means, via the App to immediately access the most appropriate product or service to resolve the issue is an invaluable part of the overall solution. With the Neos, help is just a click away, with your brand at the heart of each of these helpful interactions.

We are constantly looking to add more products and services to the portfolio in order to enhance the overall customer value proposition.


There is so much more to proactive prevention than simply providing a system that alerts the Property owner to critical incidents. Once alerted, they need to be responded to. With Neos, everything is in one handy place. Gone are the days of filing insurance documentation, electrical device warranties and handyman details.