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Home insurance is still manufactured and delivered in the same way as i has been for decades while so many other things in the world are nearly unrecognizable over that same time period. We now carry supercomputers in our hands, order transportation from strangers in a few clicks, use our voices to order groceries/change our thermostats. Sure, home insurance has seen some new distribution/ channel options, better imagery data, and more sophisticated models. But the core product has remained largely unchanged.

And it all starts with the information used to create a homeowner policy. At its core, it comes down to assessing the risk for a particular home. And that information has largely remained unchanged. Things like distance to a fire department, prior loss history, location, age of systems, construction type. Most of these things are from historical points in time and some have nominal value at helping assess the future risk of that home. And any successful insurer is in a business to better assess risk to become more competitive, while covering future loss cost!

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