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We’re thrilled to announce today, that we’ve been ranked 6th in the Top 100 Global Insurtech Firms List, and we’re highest ranking firm in the UK.

The list has been complied by Insurance Post along with Tault Ventures, indexing the firms that have the highest potential to influence, change or disrupt the global market. 

Post online, 2018, “The Insurtech 100 celebrates those businesses that are truly innovating; rethinking today’s products, services, technologies and business models, rapidly reshaping and evolving the world of insurance as we know it today.”

The top 100 firms were ranked in terms of their people, the founding team, their connections and the expertise of the employees, their product, the technological solution that has been created and the user experience that has been created, and finally, the potential that the firm has to succeed. Insurance Post and Tault Ventures compiled the successes to date to make this judgement. 

Our CEO and Co-founder Matt Poll adds “It’s great to be ranked 6th in the Global 100 Insurtech Firms list and the highest ranking UK firm. One thing that we all have in common is we’ve highlighted that new and exciting technology has the power to give a better customer experience and ultimately bring more value to customers. The huge level of investment in Insurtech globally is proof that the industry is changing and we’re excited to be leading from the front!”