Managed Services

End-to-end Solution

The implementation of your smart property proposition is just the start of our relationship. We provide continuous support and take care of all the back-end management ensuring the sustainability and scalability of your smart property solution so you can focus on building strong, long-term engagement with your customers.

Our expert teams handle your platform maintenance, video storage, product lifecycle management and support as well as on-going integration requirements to future proof your solution.

Data & Management


Smartview provides real time insights and data, enabling insurance partners to manage device-based activity alerts and interactions trends.

Active devices and app usage provide new insights into customers’ behaviour and interaction with your brand, to help improve pricing, proposition and processes. 

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Security is and always will be our number one priority at Neos. We understand the demands from the market, customers and partners to ensure the highest level of security.

Our video data is secured in European AWS Cloud via an end-to-end encryption, and in compliance with GDPR regulation.
We operate an ethical hacker programme (Hackerone) to ensure our security is maintained to the highest possible level.

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