Smart Technology

Neos Pre-integrated Devices

All Neos Connect pre-integrated devices are designed for self-installation and peace of mind, empowering customers to protect their property from the most common domestic perils.

Property Preventative Technology

Protecting Against Theft

Our indoor security camera offer your customers an engaging tool to secure their property and stay connected to what matters most! Notifications alert users to any unusual activity in their home or business whilst engaging features like live stream and two-way audio make for daily interactions with their loved ones. 


Smoke alarms have entered the 21st century. Receive notifications directly to your smart phone the moment the sound of a smoke or CO alarm is detected in your home. So, no matter where you are, you can act fast and rest assured that the Neos solution is taking care of the place that matters.



As one of the most costly perils, escape of water cost your business and your customers time and money. With our state-of-the-art tech, users can catch small leaks before they turn into big problems.

Meet The Technology


Smart Indoor Security Camera

Keep an eye on home from anywhere in the world via the Neos app. Access your secure live camera feed 24/7 and get notified if sound or motion is detected whilst you’re out.
The SmartCam can also complement a professional smoke and CO system by alerting you when the sound of a smoke or CO alarm is detected.

Smart Motion Sensor Kit

The Neos Smart Motion Sensors can turn any object smarter and help you keep an eye on your property in countless ways, whether it is to ensure movements around windows and doors are in your sights or simply to keep an eye on the cat-flap.

Smoke Detection

Smart Smoke Alarm Battery

Transform existing smoke alarms into a smart alarm; Get notified via the Neos app when the smoke alarm sounds so you can act fast and minimise any risk to your property.

Third party Integration

Water Escape

Easy Fit Leak Detector

This leak detector clips next to your stop tap, monitors water usage and spots hidden leaks before they become a problem.

Third party Integration

Smart Leak Sensor Kit

These accessible Smart Leak Sensors offer a great value solution to protect any property from water damage. The built-in temperature and humidity sensors enable users to control any climate changes in the property directly from their Smartphone.